Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Free Food Alert... Baja Fresh Giving Away Burritos to their "Friends"

The last time Baja Fresh decided to give away free burritos it apparently did not end well. Imagine the Oprah KFC Grilled Chicken disaster but with beans and rice.

But I have to hand it to them, the Mexican fast food chain – which usually battles Qdoba for my Mexi-bucks – is doing it again, but with some limitations.

The free burrito event takes place today, Tuesday, September 2 from 2:00-5:30 PM local time and customers must purchase a large beverage to get the free burrito. Not only that, but customers must also be Facebook fans of the eatery and have printed out the coupon page with their name at the top (and present ID) in order to get their freebie.

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Andrew Culture said...

Arg, in the UK there are NO proper Mexican chains, there's nothing between high end fancy pants resturants and the very questionable (both hygenically and taste wise) stalls at places like Camden Market in London.
Oh, and your zine is now stocked in England! - http://corndog.co.uk/zine-distro/hungover-gourmet-p-545.html

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