Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Attend a Crazy Legs Conti/Eater X Competition

Got the following message over at Facebook and wanted to pass it along...

I'm an associate producer for a TLC show that's hosting a Crazy Legs Conti eating contest next Wednesday. I was wondering if you could send a message out to the Crazy Conti group that you admin, because we NEED AUDIENCE MEMBERS!

Here are the details: Timothy Janus (Eater X, ranked #4 in the world) and Crazy Legs Conti (ranked #14) will be meeting up at a downtown restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey on Wednesday, September 2nd 2009 for some cake-eating craziness.

They need everyone interested in attending to email their RSVPs ASAP! Guests need to arrive at the site at 3pm and should expect to stay until 5pm. Everyone will need to be comfortable signing an TV appearance release because the event may be televised later.

Interested individuals can reply to hobokenproject@gmail.com to RSVP- please give your full name, age, and contact info (including phone number for confirmation).

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