Friday, February 05, 2010

Keeping Track of Snowmageddon 2010

The interwebs should be buzzing during this weekend's approaching Storm of Doom. I'll keep updating this post with links and info that trickles in from our various friends, bloggers and "sources"...
  • Baltimore Snacker has a quick rant about that most interesting of topics, the pre-snow grocery store rush.
  • Speaking of grocery store decimation, here's a shot of empty shelves at an area SuperFresh.
  • Flurries started here around 12 PM EST. Still too warm to stick but coming down pretty steadily. Prepping my favorite roast chicken recipe, Martha Stewart's Roast Chicken 101.
  • Snow started sticking around 3 PM. Ryan and I spent the afternoon playing in the snow which she declared was "so much fun". I fear the snow-hating gene that is strong in my wife and me has canceled each other out and our daughter will be some sort of soccer loving ski bum.
  • I hate the fact that any mini sandwich is now labeled a "slider" but this recipe did intrigue me.
  • It's now Saturday morning... overnight we had thunder, lightning and an obscene amount of snow. And it's still coming down, down, down.

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Synd-e said...

Reporting from Philadelphia, something I've never seen before: picked over shelves at Trader Joe's (Center City location)!

Stopped by this morning to get coffee, soymilk, and cereal. Coffee shelves decimated - got the last can of the breakfast blend I like. NO vanilla or chocolate soymilk left, no organic soymilk left... got one of the last remaining cartons of TJs plain variety. Cookies and crackers (above the freezer cases) picked clean. Even the pet food was empty!

Sure, some of this may be attributed to the Super Bowl (oh, sorry, "Big Game" b/c you can't say Super Bowl without paying for it), but most of it was snow insanity. A run on soymilk? Really?