Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Double Barrel FOOD COURT: Filet-O-Fish, White Castle and Hookers

ESPN ran a special segment today highlighting all of the epic sports news from yesterday (Tiger's presser, McNabb trade, National Championship Game, MLB Opening Day, etc.).

If I had a hugely popular show broadcast into millions of homes I'd be doing the same today.

First we had the sad passing of Mr. Wine-In-A-Box (see previous post) and now my afternoon is complete after not one, but two fantastic FOOD COURT stories...

Exhibit A: Ever gotten really tired of waiting for your sandwich at the drive thru? Then you can sympathize with Rashon East, 34, who climbed in the drive-thru window of a South Brunswick, NJ McDonald's because his Filet-O-Fish was not being served with the requisite alacrity.

Exhibit B:
People often forget that it was White Castle that truly invented the fast food concept, while McDonald's simply perfected it. (The Castle also served as the inspiration for this website/blog/zine back when it was just a column in a trash movie mag in 1993.) Not to be outdone by the ol' "customer in the drive-thru window" story, here comes a report of a man calling 911 to report being robbed at a Cincinnati White Castle establishment. Upon being questioned by the fuzz, William Ferris admitted that the robbery was actually a case of being short-changed by a hooker who only delivered oral favors for his $50.

As a pregnant British hooker once told my pals, "Fifty bucks won't get you toast".

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