Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Taste of THE CHEW

I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the premiere episode of THE CHEW (ABC's new daytime food/entertaining/whatever show that debuted on Monday). Initial reports from close confidants and people whose opinions I trust were not good.

But with time running out to head downtown and grab a lobster roll (or slider, or lobster slider) at The Silver Platter I decided to raid the kitchen, make a quesadilla and watch the live broadcast of the show that initial reviews referred to as "patronizing", "mundane" and "over-stuffed".

Sounds great!

First impressions: 
  • Michael Symon is an annoying over laugher and all kidding aside it sounds like the giggle of an 80s action villain. 
  • No surprise here, but Mario Batali is over-bearing and condescending – even to other chefs! Hey ABC, if a guy is largely thought of as smug and superior, having him host a segment where he imparts his "Kitchen Kommandments" might not be your best move. (Note: One of Batali's "kommandments" was that you only needed three knives. Somehow I'm thinking a Tomato-Baguette Knife isn't one of them.)
  • Poor Clinton Kelly has to keep the whole thing moving somehow and is easily the most likable part of the show (though he seemed so taken back by the uncomfy silence at the end of today's episode that he had a hard time spitting out the lame tagline). 
  • I felt bad for Top Chefer Carla Hall when she brought up "Chow-Chow" and the rest of the cast pretended like they didn't know what it was. ("Ketchup? Hmm, interesting. Never heard of it.") I'm a movie nerd from New Jersey and I've heard of Chow-Chow!
  • As for the odd-looking blonde (Somebody Oz?), well, she's a real downer. Place the salad and healthy food in the middle of my fridge so it's the first thing I see when I open it? Thanks Dr. Buzzkill.
I'm sure I'll get around to watching the premiere one of these days, but I have to admit that this little drop-in did nothing to encourage me.


Anonymous said...

hey dan, take a close look at the pic you posted. No Mario to be found, but there are 2 people in there who aren't on the show.

Dan said...

Those are actually "special Chew correspondents" Danny Boome and Evette Rios. Mario couldn't make the shoot because he was off being condescending.