Monday, September 26, 2011

You'll Have to Pry My Cold Dead Hands from the Self Checkout Lane

I do not ask a lot of my grocery stores: have some reasonably nice produce; a deli kiosk is always a plus; don't gouge me on the organic milk; a decent coffee selection would be good; and, for the love of god, throw me a self-checkout line or two.

And I don't mean the restrictive self-checkouts like they installed when ShopRite took over the nearby SuperFresh and pushed it way down on my preferred stores list. (Never has a store plummeted so far, so fast in my soon-to-be-published THG's Grocery Power Rankings.)

Give me a self-checkout. With a conveyor belt. I promise I'll be fast and efficient. Probably more so than 90% of your employees. No offense folks.

So what does my wife send me? An article about how self checkout usage is down and that some stores are phasing them out for lack of use.

Hey, stores that plan on getting rid of self checkout? Let me know where you are... so I never shop there!

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