Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sizzler to Hit Streets with Food Truck

This is at least the second instance of a chain restaurant hopping on the food truck trend and announcing their attention to bring their menu to the people. I guess if the people won't come to you...

Sorry, let me put the snark away and just report the facts (courtesy of Fast Food Maven).

Sizzler is launching a food truck later this fall – currently tabbed ZZ Truck, but I'm guessing that will change once Billy Gibbons gets wind of it.

As if they're already anticipating a cease & desist letter, the company will hold a "Name That Food Truck" contest through October. Voters will get to choose between five beef-centric names (including KOW and Re, White & Moo) with voters being entered into a drawing for an iPod Touch.

Check out Sizzler's Twitter feed and Facebook page for more info. (Now there's a sentence I never imagined I'd be typing!)

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JT said...

We goin' to Sizzler, we goin' to Sizzler...