Monday, April 23, 2012

Right on Q Barbecue (Brunswick, GA)

While uploading some photos to my computer this afternoon it dawned on me that I'd never posted pics and thoughts on Right on Q Barbecue located in Brunswick, GA, which we tried on our way down to Disney World in March.

Frankly, we almost didn't have the opportunity to stop and try this place. We were making great time on our trek from Baltimore to Orlando and were considering pushing through to Jacksonville in order to make Saturday's final leg even shorter. Unfortunately, only two places had hotel rooms for the night: one was $50 per room and despite that super low price informed us they had "plenty of rooms" available. The second had just a few rooms left, but was kind enough to let us know that they were hosting a high school girls volleyball tournament and there would be 75 girls ages 13 to 15 roaming the hotel.

With a 4-year-old in tow and a desire to get a good night's sleep we decided to stick with the reservation we'd made in Brunswick and head out for a nice meal rather than battle giggling, screaming teenagers. I'll have plenty of that to deal with down the road.

Brunswick is only an exit or two removed from where we've stayed on previous trips to the area and just a stone's throw from St. Simon's, where we visited and sampled some 'que a few years back. So, despite my desire to try Krystal (the White Castle of the South) and Ryan's insistence on pizza, we decided to venture out and give Right on Q a try.

Luckily, our timing was great and we arrived shortly before a group of 40 made their way to the dining room. The large, nondescript building looks like it may have been something else in a previous life and once we got close we realized we'd passed it before on trips over to St. Simon's.

I wish I'd taken a photo of the "barbecue" side of the menu, but you can always check out the restaurant's website here. Chris and I both decided on the "2 Way" which featured any two of their meats (pork, sausage, brisket, chicken, turkey, ribs) plus two sides for $12.49.

Since I'm of the opinion that a barbecue joint is only as good as their pork and ribs that was my choice. Chris went for the brisket and ribs, only to discover after our orders were in that they were out of the brisket. Though my wife doesn't like surprises and hates making snap decisions she decided on the turkey – and it turned out to the move of the night.

I was a little disappointed that the pork turned out to be more of the "chopped" than "pulled" variety but it was still quite tasty and I made a quick sandwich using a piece of garlic toast.

The ribs were excellent... tender with just a hint of resistance. Sides were top-notch, too. I don't know if the cole slaw is homemade but I'd rank it among the best restaurant slaws I've ever tasted and the sweet potato fries come with some sort of honey butter dipping sauce that you'll want to put on pretty much everything you eat.

Chris went with the ribs, baked beans (another excellent side) and sweet potato fries to go with her turkey. Though I'm disappointed we didn't get a chance to try the brisket, the smoked turkey breast was phenomenal and definitely the highlight of the meal (though the slaw and dipping sauce were mighty fine, too).  Instead of the dry, over-smoked turkey you can get at some 'que joints, the turkey at Right on Q was moist, juicy and tender, almost melting in your mouth.

The clientele on that Friday evening seemed like a pretty steady mix of regulars, always a good sign when there are plenty of other culinary options in the area.


Lisa Bechem said...


Thank you so very much for your kind words! I am so sorry we were out of brisket! I assure you that almost never happens.

My husband, Henry, and I strive to bring consistent excellence in both our food and service.

I sincerely hope to see you and your family again. Please make sure to grab me, Lisa, or Henry and say hello.

Best regards to you and your family! Hope y'all had a safe and happy trip to Disney!

Lisa Bechem

Dan said...

Lisa: Thanks for the note and we'll definitely say "hi" next time we make it back that way. Are the beans and slaw homemade? They were soooo good. Some of the best sides I've ever had!

Lisa Bechem said...

Looking forward to it!

ABSOLUTELY! All of our sides and sauces are made in house. All of our meats are smoked using 2-1, which means 2 pieces of Oak 1 piece of Pecan, in our Custom Made Southern Pride 700. Rest assured when you eat at Right On Q you are getting REAL Southern BBQ!

Enid and Ciaran said...

Thanks for this blog, I have a friend in Brunswick and I will mention this place to him.....