Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning, or, A Farewell to Fallen Bloggers

I've always kinda hated cleaning.

I'm not a "dirty" person by nature, but I am prone to clutter. As a kid, stacks of papers, magazines, books and more used to accumulate in my bedroom until my parents – whose room was across the hall from mine – could no longer take the piles and "collections" they'd have to navigate upon entry.

My usual move, once they blew their collective stacks, was to simply shuffle the items around. Some went under my bed, others into the closet, still others into overstuffed drawers. Floorspace would be retrieved and peace would be reached... until the next batch of "junk" led to another blow up.

I'm much better these days, at least when it comes to physical clutter and mess. Things like spending two weeks at the house your parents lived in for 40+ years will do that to you. Frankly, they – or, at least my mother – had a lot of nerve freaking out because I'd brought home some plastic picture frames I found in a neighbors trash when I was delivering papers. My siblings and I tossed out boxes, bottles and cans of food, drink, medicine and more that was long past their "use by" dates. Most of it purchased simply because my Mom couldn't pass up a deal or she had a coupon that meant the store was virtually "giving it away".

But, as I responded to some blog comments this morning, I realized that I wasn't doing my part to remove some of the digital clutter that was piling up here at THG. A quick scan of our 'Food Sites & Blogs' list led to the eye-opening realization that a good 75% of the sites listed were either non-existent or dormant for a year or more.

Believe me, I understand why and how a site goes dark. Blogs by their very nature are easy to start. I should know, I have three that I maintain on a "regular" basis, but I've started – and abandoned – several others and registered names/ideas for even more.

And, like any newfound outlet or interest there's a quick ramp up, lots of initial participation, maybe even a flurry of acclaim. Then you realize you need to keep doing it. Suddenly the time between posts gets longer and longer. And you wonder if anybody is even reading it. And then real life intrudes.

Next thing you know it's been over a year and you can't even remember what those stained, scribbled notes you took at that food truck rally even mean.

Hopefully, that will never happen here at THG. Admittedly, I find myself posting a lot of quickie notes, news, thoughts and brief reviews at our Facebook page that never quite make it here. I promise to be better about that in the future, especially as we enter the summer months and my wife, daughter and I find ourselves out and about, trying new things as we travel and wile away the days before school starts again in the Fall.

In the meantime, a tip of the cap to blogs/sites like Mega Munch, Roguefood and TV Food Fan that both entertained and informed and even led to some friendships that still exist today. Others on the list I vaguely remember, like an opening band I once saw... before the sixth, okay eighth, Yuengling Porter kicked in. But I'm sure they all had their fans and are missed by someone.

Do you have a great, active blog we should be listing in our sidebar? Tell us!

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