Thursday, November 21, 2013

Survey Says! Americans Prefer Wine Over Beer

Though it doesn't give many specifics about the poll collection, an article at something called The Ardmoreite (based in Ardmore, OK) suggests that Americans prefer wine over beer... though just slightly.

Some of the poll highlights include:
  • Americans prefer wine (40%) over beer and red wine (51%) over white wine
  • Domestic beer (53%) barely gets the nod over imports 
  • And, vodka is America's hard liquor of choice (24%), besting bourbon, rum and tequila
I'm definitely a domestic beer kinda guy and will typically take red wine over white. I've found over the years that I can drink the cheapest red wine on the planet without many adverse effects but I can't buy a bottle of the white stuff under $10 unless I'm in the market for a screaming headache the next day.

Hard liquor and I don't usually agree, so I tend to stay away from that option, but I'll go the whiskey/bourbon/scotch route if need be.

How do you compare with the "1000 American adults" surveyed? Answer in the comments section below or visit our Facebook page.

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