Tuesday, December 03, 2013

FOOD COURT: Mac & Cheese with a Side of Assault & Battery

It has never crossed my mind to raid boxes of mac & cheese for additional cheese packets.

I'm usually content with whatever Kraft (or insert manufacturer name here) have included in the box, though I have been known to doctor my m&c with a little shredded cheese or even some sour cream.

Maybe it's for the best that I've been content with what I'm given. Perhaps that's why I've never been repeatedly punched in the face and head for "using all of the cheese packets" like Brian Rossi.

Seems Brian's twenty-year-old son Alex desired some of the gooey golden goodness only to discover that Brian had bogarted all the processed cheese dust leaving behind open boxes containing nothing but pasta.

Naturally, Alex assaulted Brian and ended up in county jail where he was being held on $1097 bond or 1410 boxes of mac & cheese.

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