Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Too Good to be True? Wawa Planned for York Road in Lutherville?!

Future Site of the York Road Super Wawa!
Longtime readers of THG are well aware of my devotion to Delaware Valley icon Wawa.

Excursions to Long Beach Island to visit family usually involve at least a half-dozen trips for hoagies (Italian Shorti with Provolone, please), coffee (Kona or Dark Roast), mac & cheese (my daughter's favorite), Herr's chips (especially the addictive new line of Old Bay cheese curls and popcorn) and the Diet Lemonade Iced Tea.

My in-laws – who literally live two blocks from one – joke that I'm there more in one weekend than they are all year.

Here at our home base of Lutherville, MD, though, it's a good 40-60 minute round trip to hit a nearby Super Wawa with a gas island which means I usually have to make sure the trip coincides with a visit to a client, supply warehouse or the nearby Costco. If not all three.

But no more! As spotted by my eagle-eyed daughter yesterday, the vacant lot picture above will soon be home to a Super Wa overflowing with gas and hoagies, coffee and iced tea. Okay, well, maybe not "overflowing" but you get the idea.

Unfortunately, the location is on one of the most congested stretches of York Road near our home and my daughter's school, so we've already started figuring out more strategic routes.

Progress will be documented!

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