Friday, August 01, 2014

Baltimore Casino to Offer Charm City Cakes for "Street Cred"

I'm not a "cake guy" so I have no idea if people actually go somewhere because of the cakes offered. Is that a thing?

Well, Horseshoe Casino thinks it is because they've partnered with Baltimore's own Charm City Cakes (run by Duff Goldman) to offer their sweet treats in the casino's Baltimore-based Jack Binion's Steakhouse.

Horseshoe Casino GM Chad Barnhill (which sounds like a character James Spader or Craig Scheffer would have played) said the partnership gives the steakhouse "a little bit of that automatic street cred".

When explaining the intended Charm City menu offerings, Duff remarked "you put red velvet on a tire and you're gonna sell it".

I hope that's not what he thought "street cred" meant.

Read the whole article at Baltimore Business Journal.

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