Friday, December 16, 2005

THG's Holiday Tunes for You

Admittedly it's been tough getting in the Christmas mood around THG HQ. We're still settling in from our recent move and I've been busier than heck with client projects.

Today's 50 degree temperature didn't help matters much, but I did wrap and ship a few presents off to friends in far off places, so at least I'm trying. Then again, standing in line at the post office listening to people bitch about the long line pretty much put a damper on whatever holiday cheer I was able to muster. People, it's 9 days before Christmas... what did you expect?!

Thinking that some of you might be having similar difficulties I dusted off a few tracks from a CD that Chris and I made for friends and family a few years back. We actually made it before we got hitched and thinking back on the whole process I'm pretty sure that if we could survive putting that CD together we can survive anything.

I've posted three tracks for your initial listening pleasure... first up is 'Dasher with the Light Upon His Tail' from Christmas by Kitty Wells on Misteltoe Records – it's one of those tracks that celebrates the seemingly unloved reindeer on Santa's team. Hell, if Santa ain't eating you on a cold North Pole night that's love enough!

'I Wanna Do More Than Whistle (Under the Mistletoe)' is a catchy little ditty from Merry Christmas from Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music. This will be the first Christmas without my Dad, a hardcore Lawrence Welk fanatic from way back. He was also one hell of a whistler, so the track's title and source means it holds a special place in my cold, evil heart.

And last, but certainly not least, is 'Mambo Santa Mambo', easily one of the most infectious holiday tracks of all time. This tune's about 50 years old and comes to us courtesy of The Enchanters. I guarantee that once you get it in your head you won't be able to get it out.

Hope you dig these tracks and drop me a line if you do and would like to see more. If I have time next week I'll toss up some more goodies from the vinyl collection... maybe even some superhero Christmas tales featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman!


Clurg said...

This is good stuff. Particularly the "Mambo Santa Mambo."

Dan said...

Thought that one would go over well. I found another track yesterday that's almost as infectious. I'll try and get it posted in a day or so.