Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006

Hard to believe that 2006 -- the year I'll turn 40! -- is now upon us and that I once again woke up on January 1 without a hangover. Driving around yesterday I reflected back on some of the scarier NYE of my youth and remembered hurling chicken and broccoli from Hunan Garden onto my shoetops (thanks to Joe and his "gift" of Jack Daniels Black Label), the year the only rule at a NYE party was "no puking in the house" which the aforementioned Joe broke within about 15 minutes, and the year I slipped on the snow on the way home and decided I would sleep in the gutter. Luckily, The Gonster talked me out of this at 3 AM by rationalizing that some poor family would come out the next morning to go to church and either discover my frozen, drunken corpse or run over me, casting a pall over their entire holidays. I got up and walked home and still owe him one.

We rang out 2005 with some fine sushi from San Sushi Too/Thai One On in Towson, which is far better than its cutesy name would suggest. My main complaint? Despite going back and asking them to make sure all of the order was there I got to the station where Chris works only to realize they'd either forgotten the Sunrise Roll or packed it with one of the combo platters we picked up for co-workers. Damnit!

2006 started off with a healthier bang as I continued to reduce my caffeine consumption (I'm down to four cups each morning instead of six or more) and we made scrambled eggs and hot dogs (a traditional dish I picked up from my mother) with organic hot dogs thanks to our current healthy/organic kick. And you know what? Like the free range chicken I roasted the other night, the damned organic hot dogs DO taste way better!

Well, my aim is to post at this site every day in 2006 and the various food, drink, travel and fun categories give me pretty wide leverage with which to accomplish that task.

Best wishes to all in the New Year!

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