Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Doh!

Ooops. I got my LBI restaurants confused the other day and thought we were actually going to Raimondo's, which I've been hankering to go back to since our visit last year. We actually went to Roberto's which is a pretty good Italian restaurant located on the Boulevard in Beach Haven Terrace.

We'd eaten there before and the food is above average Italian. Unfortunately, the service on Saturday night was beyond slow. Frankly, I'm convinced that our order was messed up in the kitchen or was neglected in some fashion, but the server never said anything other than to tell us that our order would be out soon and they were busy with a lot of Christmas Eve catering. 40 minutes later we got our entrees, and this was after the table behind us (we had four, they had six) had come in, ordered, ate and paid their bill, before we'd ever received our entrees.

Once our dinners arrived they were very good, though I wish I'd had the Trio Francaise (shrimp, veal and chicken) that Chris and her dad had rather than the Veal Capri that her mom and I had. I was having a distinct craving for veal, but three pieces might have been a little too much.

I'm still hoping to get back to Raimondo's one of these days but Roberto's was a good, if slow, subtitute for this holiday dinner.

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