Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Emeril Has Left the Building

I'll admit that when I first got The Food Network I really enjoyed watching Essence of Emeril, the non-audience one-man show that focused on cooking, not catchphrases, celeb guests and Doc Gibbs and his band. I even used to watch Emeril Live when it first premiered and found myself the envy of some fellow food lovers that couldn't see the show or had wives that wouldn't let them watch the show.

How times change. These days I'd rather watch Bobby Flay develop a secret recipe in his kitchen with the help of two assistants and a limitless budget so he can spring it on some diner owner or recipe contest winner.

Pretty soon I won't have to make that choice. Contract negotiations between Emeril Lagasse and the network he turned into a household name have broken down and production on Emeril Live will end on December 11. The network maintains that Lagasse will remain part of the family but wasn't that what they were saying around the time they booted Mario Batale out the door?

For more on this stay tuned to TVFoodFan.com which I'm sure will have all the baking, er, breaking news.


Cham said...

Maybe Emeril used too many complicated cooking methods and didn't scream "BAM" enough. The Food Network is probably trying to free up more time for Paula Dean, Rachel Ray or some other no-talent who's primary cooking ingredients are sugar, cream cheese and lard. They can never have enough. ;)

Dan said...

LOL, ever think you'd see the day when Emeril's main ingredients of butter, oil, garlic, salt and booze would be too out there? I can't stand Rachel Ray but Paula Dean makes me want to hurl the TV out the window. I caught her on an Iron Chef America the other night and if you think her scripted schtick was annoying listening to her ad lib is pure torture.