Friday, November 02, 2007

Which is More Awesome?

Regular readers of this blog, zine and website are well aware of my love for foodstuff gadgets and time-saving concoctions that make food fun. For your Friday I bring you a double dose of nifty new products that THG is simply dying to try.

First up is Bacon Salt. Yes, you read that right, Bacon Salt. Seems to me like we're going through a Bacon Renaissance these days, what with things like the Bacon Scarf and the wildly popular (and quite delicious) Bacon Chocolate Bar. But Bacon Salt raises the bar because you can use it on, well, pretty much anything that needs salt. I'm envisioning using my Bacon Salt on french fries, popcorn, chicken, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, soups, scrambled eggs, bacon and much, much more.

Not to be outdone, think about what you're having for breakfast this morning. Me, I'll probably have my usual weekday starter of 1/2 cup of Ezekial and a low-fat fruit yogurt or I might go really wild and have an Einstein Bros. pumpkin bagel. You know, really let my hair down. But wouldn't some pancakes sound good? Or some homemade waffles? Of course that sounds better than my fruity mix of woodland grit!

But making pancakes and/or waffles is a major hassle fraught with mixing bowls, flour or dry mix everywhere, spilt milk... not to mention the hazards of flipping pancakes onto your ceiling (as seen on that TV infomercial a few years back).

Naturally, you could get a Stainless Steel Batter Dispenser for accurate, consistently-sized pancakes and waffles, but you still have to mix the batter, put it in the dispenser, clean up, etc. Wouldn't it just be more fun to spray your batter from a can? Of course it would! And now you can, thanks to Batter Blaster, an organic, refrigerated pancake and waffle batter that's dispensed from a can.

Sadly, while I can obtain Bacon Salt from their online store, Batter Blaster is not found in stores near me. If anybody out there gets a chance to try this new and exciting way of dispensing pancake batter, please take photos, video and/or notes to share with us!



I need bacon salt!!! Sounds great on toast with dijonaise!

Thank God for pancakes dispensed from a can.

Dan said...

Lehigh... did you watch the video over at the Batter Blaster site? Somebody has been studying their old school infomercials!


Oh, my...have they ever! So many products that go toward making pancakes less of an effort. I never thought of just making pancakes that big of a deal! How about Seafood Newburg Blaster or something that takes some actual elbow grease to make???

Anonymous said...

Pancake Blaster batter not very good. even my kids turned away from them. The idea is a winner, unfortunately, the batter had a wierd taste to it.

Dan said...

We tried Batter Blaster awhile back and thought it was just okay. You really had to be quick on the release or the pancakes just became too darn big and thick. Cover anything with enough butter and syrup and you can eat them.