Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why Not Call it 'Butter and Cream'?

I don't subscribe to a lot of cooking magazines. In fact, up until recently 'Cooking Light' was the only one I read with any regularity, though I did check out the occasional issue of 'Gourmet' or 'Saveur'.

But we decided to sign up for a subscription to 'Food & Wine' after reading an issue somewhere along the way. We received our first issue yesterday and it couldn't be any further from the content you'd find in an issue of 'Cooking Light'.

Each of the first couple recipes I read required such ingredients as butter (and lots of it), cups of heavy cream, and thick sliced bacon. Granted, they'd probably be the best Creamy Potatoes with Bacon or Hot, Buttered Cauliflower Puree I'd ever have, but something tells me I won't be making a ton of recipes from these pages.


John said...

The best part is when you fry the bacon in the butter, and then pour the cream all over it. Or, just roll it in Crisco and tempura-fry it on a stick.

Dan said...

LOL... when I was a kid my mom would cook up the bacon, drain the bacon grease into a can and then save it in the fridge. Then she'd fry the eggs in the bacon grease and wipe the frying pan clean with a piece of toast that she'd eat. Amazingly, my father was the one with a lifetime of heart problems!