Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Airport Eating Tips for Holiday Travelers

If you're anything like me you hate the very thought of eating in an airport. Frankly, I'd rather do almost anything with my time than fly somewhere (my brother and I were just discussing the "subway of the skies" today), but there are occasions when it's just not feasible to drive to, say, Las Vegas. Or Seattle. If I end up in an airport and have to eat something I'll usually grab a Fig Newton and a Starbucks coffee and hope that'll hold me till I can get some real food in my stomach.

If you're traveling this holiday season and want to eat something other than a Big Mac or tempt the fates by having Taco Bell before you get on a plane, here are some tips from nutrition experts.

Though I do wonder about the guy who recommends filling an Altoids box with some loose almonds. Has this joker been through a security checkpoint recently?

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Ashlie said...

As a "subway" flight attendant I can attest to the lack of food available. My tips are: pack a wee cooler with non-liquid items. Fruit, veggies, (yes) almonds, hb eggs and the like. They will get you through in a bind.

Worst case scenario: some airports have some decent, albeit, exspensive food. Chicago, Baltimore and Seattle are some of my favorites....