Thursday, November 15, 2007

Would You Like Some Replacements with Your Burger?

Usually you go into a fast food joint and the most you'll get with your burger is some fries, a soft drink or maybe a cool toy. Starting this week Wendy's is trying to change all that by giving away free downloads on Rhapsody when you buy a medium- or large-sized combo meal. Plus, you get a chance to enter the “Combo Up to Download” sweepstakes for a chance to win a 50 song download bundle or a SanDisk Sansa e280R Rhapsody mp3 player.

Might I suggest using that free download code to listen to something from The Replacements? That way you can enjoy your Wendy's meal, listen to the 'Mats and read your copy of ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING: An Oral History of The Replacements all at the same time.

Sorry fellow Mac users. No Rhapsody player software for Mac or Linux so we're screwed. Again. And by the way, is it possible the "Tim Quirk" whose byline graces the Replacements bio linked to above is the same Tim Quirk who sings lead vocals for Too Much Joy?

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