Friday, December 14, 2007

Food Network Gives Me a Reason to Tune In

As I've mentioned here before I used to be an avid Food Network viewer. These days, not so much.

I can't turn the channel fast enough when Paula Deen or Rachel Ray pop up and once-reliable hosts like Alton Brown have grown annoying and downright irritating. The great, highly entertaining Iron Chef has been replaced by the decidedly yawn-inducing Iron Chef America and, well, my subterraneanly-low tolerance for anything Bobby Flay-centric is well-documented.

So leave it to the network to bring me crawling back with old episodes of A Cook's Tour, the Food Network series whose companion book I just happen to be finishing.

I'm an admitted Tony-Come-Lately in regards to all things Bourdain. It took me a long time to warm up to the guy and I have to credit the short-lived FOX series Kitchen Confidential for making me see the light. (Note to self: gotta pick up that box set one of these days.)

Nowadays, I'm an avid fan. His Top Chef appearances were the highlight of the season (along with any episode not featuring Gail Whatshername), No Reservations is an entertaining watch, and A Cook's Tour might be my favorite food and travel book of all-time.

So, thanks Food Network. Now, can we do something about getting rid of Diners, Drive-Ins and Douchebags?

Thanks to TVFoodFan for the tip.


John said...

I'm kind of surprised they even let his face near their network anymore, what with all the nice things he's said about its talent :D I used to love Paula but I hate to admit, she's even starting to grate on my nerves. The "fried stuffing" thing was where she jumped the shark. I don't know any Southerners who eat that. Scratch that - I don't know any person, Southern or othern, who eats that. But I still think Sandra Lee comes from the seventh layer of hell. Have to agree with you on Flay and Ray (Flay Ray - hehe), though I still have a soft spot for Ace of Cakes.

Cham said...

I am half tempted to contact that Ace of Cakes guy and insist that someone needs to actually taste those cakes. Nobody knows what they taste like, the could be made out of garbage for all we know. He's local, so maybe he would allow a blogger taste test, he could feed us the corners of the cakes that aren't used in his creations. For the taste test we could promise a taste test review in our blogs. I am willing to attempt to set this up, now who wants in on this gig?

John said...

I would but I think he'd make us pay out our noses for it.

Dan said...

I'd assume the only reason Food Network is airing the show is because Bourdain's hot and/or their rights are going to expire soon. Who cares what he's said about the channel, get as much as you can out of it while you've still got it, right?

As for ACE OF CAKES, I have to admit I've barely even watched the show despite its proximity to us. I'm not a sweets eater/cake lover and what little I have seen seems to be the same thing over and over. It's like the HOUSE of cake-making shows. Good for them in getting a show, but between the endless commercials on Food Network and the 3-disc ACE OF CAKES First Season DVD (just $43 at Amazaon!) I don't think he needs my promotional help.

John said...

You're right about the rights thing, I think. As for AOC: i get the impression that House is supposed to be an ass, which I don't get from Duff. But then again, I haven't seen House, so I may be making a bad comparison. Still, $43!?!? That's a rip-off. I like the show, but I'd sooner just tape it. { Hey, look at me, I still use VHS to record things :) }

Dan said...

Sorry, the comparison to HOUSE was that it's the same show every week not the personalities. But it's literally the same show each week. Patient comes in with mystery illness, everybody misdiagnoses it, House grumps around and insults people, and then there's a last-second, life-saving diagnosis.