Saturday, July 19, 2008

Starbucks Announces List of Store Closures

Earlier this month I mentioned that due to sluggish sales and a stagnant economy (but, shhh, let's not use the "recession" word) Starbucks was planning to close 600 stores in the next year. On Thursday the company announced the list of 616 company-owned stores it will close by the first half of 2009. To see if your local coffee fix is going to be affected see the map of closings. There are only a few closing in our vicinity and non that I frequent on a regular basis.

That's okay. I'm on vacation right so I'm replacing half of my blood with Wawa Kona coffee.

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Starbucks Closure List said...

I dont drink coffee, so this cant affect me, but the impact on the communities where the stores are on the Starbucks list is a major one....