Friday, October 10, 2008

Baltimore Mag Food Ish... Sorta Lame?

The Food Issue of Baltimore magazine is – like their restaurant and best of installments – one of those issues I look forward to throughout the year. I anticipate leafing through many pages of food porn, wondering what their favorite restaurants are, where the city's elite are noshing, and how my opinions stack up against their panel of foodies.

So when Chris plunked the October 2008 edition down on the counter last night I couldn't wait to plunge into its feature article on... sandwiches? Don't get me wrong, I love a sandwich as much as the next guy. Maybe more. But seriously, 12 pages on sandwiches? That's like something I'd do in THG, not the work of 12 contributors in a glossy city mag.

That's not all, naturally, and I'm glad the issue has an article about and recipes from local farmers (can't wait to try the Zucchini-Squash Casserole and Gunpowder Bison Meatloaf), but talk about a letdown.

Previous issues have pointed me in the direction of new restaurants to try and old favorites to revisit, but I have trouble trusting any mag that can't find a better roasted vegetable sandwich than what passes for food at an overrated local joint like Donna's. Guess I'll keep my fingers crossed that their spring restaurant issue won't resort to a list of the best pizza places or takeout Chinese joints.


Liz Stambaugh said...

That mag is very biased to who every pays them to talk about them.
Their votes and articles are swayed by dollars not by what really is the best of baltimore.

I was very dissapointed also in this one.

Dan said...

Too true. I used to advertise in a similar magazine in Philly and editorial consideration was frequently tied to ad participation.

Wendy said...

I agree on all counts. The same is true at this magazine in all their "best" issues from food to doctors, to hospitals, etc.. and I am not just an angry individual who did not get included. I have a friend who was almost left to die by on e of their "best" doctors and then he went on to head a cancer center when I found out he donated a huge sum to their program!! It was crazy.