Friday, October 10, 2008

Looks Like Iron Chef: The Animated Series

I received a handful of e-mails this morning promoting something called 'Iron Chef America Kitchen Disinfecting Wipes' from something called "Iron Chef Exclusives". Since neither the e-mail nor the corresponding web site uses any type of trademark designation or references to The Food Network, I'm guessing that this is some fly-by-night, quickie knock-off they hope to sell out of before receiving the "cease and desist" letters.

More bizarre is the cartoon rendering of The Iron Chefs America (shown at right) that is prominently displayed on the mailer and website. The likenesses vaguely resemble (from left) Bobby Flay, Morimoto, The New Guy, Mario Batali and Kat Cora, but like you'd run them through Manga-fier to give them the characteristics of Japanese animation. I almost expect Flay-san to pull out some ninja stars.

Would you watch Iron Chef America: The Animated Series in which our chef-heroes got into adventures and had to use their culinary skills to succeed?

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