Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lean Cuisine Recalls Meals

Nestle is recalling their Pesto Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta, the Chicken Mediterranean and the Chicken Tuscan after reports of consumers finding "small pieces of blue plastic material" in the dishes.

Please feel free to insert your own jokes about the plastic material being the healthiest thing in the meals.


Synd-e said...

Don't know if the blue plastic would be the healthiest thing in a Lean Cuisine, but it would likely be the tastiest.

theminx said...

synd-e beat me to


You know I was a big Healthy Choice girl for a long time and one time I found objects in my entree that were a lot like toenails. I wrote to Conagra about it and they gave me coupons for more entrees full of toenails. My feeling is that once I find anything that resembles a toenail in a particular brand of food, I'm pretty much done with that brand. I never did redeem the vouchers. I'd have rather had vouchers for Baconaise.

Dan said...

Reminds me of the time a mutual friend of ours went to one of those buffet chains with her family and there was a dead bug in the salad bar lettuce. She went back to the table and collected the family and a manager came over to see what the problem was. When she explained she'd found a bug in the lettuce he apologized and offered her a stack of free coupons.

Unlike the time Chris and I went to a little cafe up in central PA one day and she found a slug in her salad. The waiter almost treated it like she'd won something and maybe we should have paid extra for it.