Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Second Day of Gifties: Stamp Out Bottle Cork Eye Trauma!

We've probably all got beer bottle openers and corkscrews out the wazoo, but do you have something to open that most dangerous of all alcoholic beverages... the champagne bottle?

With their wire cages and pressurized contents, the champagne bottle is the loaded gun of holiday festivities (not to be confused with an actual loaded gun), responsible for everything from eye injuries to lawsuits brought because the bottle had no warning or instructions.

Don't end up in the emergency room or courtroom this holiday season. Help do your part to stamp out bottle cork eye trauma (not to mention frivolous lawsuits) by picking up a PerfectPop Champagne Opener. Made of a forged stainless steel core encased in a solid 1/2 lb. silver plated sphere, PerfectPop comes in a cloth drawstring pouch and includes instructions, lifetime guarantee, hexagonal presentation box and white, outer shipping box. The silver plated finish can be engraved and makes a perfect present.

I had one of these a year or so ago and have to admit it really worked great. Unfortunately, because I drink champagne about once every three years I have no idea where my PerfectPop has gone. Don't worry, though. You can buy me (or some other worthy recipient) one today at where it's 23% off the regular retail price of $29.95.

If you miss out on the deal at OneGoodie check out the PerfectPop website.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

Yet another thing to buy a wine dork like me. But honestly, half the fun is the feeling of the possibility of losing your eye. It's *dangerous*!

Besides, it makes you feel like you're in 'A Christmas Story', doesn't it?