Thursday, December 18, 2008

Third Day of Gifties: Get Your Baconnaise Orders in Now!

There are few things sadder than a man who has run out of Baconnaise. I know because that man is me.

After getting a sample jar to review I found myself using Baconnaise around the clock. It's amazingly great on sandwiches (especially turkey) and even makes a wicked bacon-ized sour cream dip that can be used on everything from eggs to brussel sprouts. I'm sure there are a zillion other uses and I'm still itching to make egg salad and deviled eggs with it (though I will not try to win Top Chef with them).

If you're planning to give the gift of bacon(naise) this holiday season you need to stop reading and order now. We have it on good authority that demand for Baconnaise is at a premium and we won't even talk about Lite Baconnaise (which is backordered until after the New Year).

The fine folks at Bacon Salt/Baconnaise have also said that regular strength Baconnaise is only available in the Ultimate Bacon Lover's Gift Pack and Combo Packs until after the New Year, too. So if you plan to show your love with the gift of bacon, get those orders in now. Friday, December 19th is the last day to place orders for delivery in the US in time for Christmas.

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