Friday, December 19, 2008

THG 11 and 12 Topics Collide in Horrific Recipe!

Were it not for the holidays and a steady stream of client work THG #11: The Coffee Issue would be in your hot little hands right now. The issue is this close to being done, just needing a few contributions from yours truly and some final design touches to get it to press.

While working on the issue I decided to continue the themed issue, um, theme and settled on another of my favorite foods for THG #12... Pork! Despite all the attention being paid (and rightly so) to the issue of obesity in this country, it's also interesting to see the pork & bacon renaissance continue thanks to things like Bacon Salt, Baconnaise and wesbites like Bacon Today. Let's face it... skinny, fat, in between, everybody loves bacon.

So imagine my surprise when I was scanning the pages of Slashfood this morning and saw my beloved coffee and adored pork teaming up like some horrific supervillain crossover in Sausage Cake, a 1959 Junior League Cookbook recipe that could also be a porn title.

As Kat Kinsman writes in her post...
I'm a big fan of the melding of meat and sweet (mmm...bacon candy...), and surely have been known to savor a sumptuously larded crust, but I can't swear that I've ever seen a baked good quite so aggressively piggy as this. Pinwheel rolls studded with flecks of seasoned ground beef, yes, but those were generally presented as a savory, hand-wielded Wellington sort of course rather than spiced, as this seems to be, in the manner of a dessert or breakfast sweet. I'm pleading woeful ignorance about the pastries of the Badger State here, so might someone be so kind as to enlighten me -- is this a traditional Wisconsin breakfast or dessert treat, or a relic of the cookbook's era? If the former, I'm booking a trip on Midwest Airlines posthaste. If the latter -- who's up for a bake-along this weekend?
Check out the site for the complete recipe!

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