Friday, December 19, 2008

Fourth Day of Gifties: Grow Herbs and Veggies Year Round

If you're like me and live in a four season environment, the inability to grow fresh herbs and veggies during the fall and winter months is a bummer. And with spring and summer temps that can vary wildly featuring crippling drought or shirt-soaking humidity, just growing something successfully can be a challenge.

For those of us who want access to fresh herbs, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and peppers in July as well as January, the AeroGrow system may be the answer. While the reviews on Amazon aren't a slam dunk (people complain about everything from the noise of the unit to, ick, a caterpillar infestation), I'm intrigued by the dirtless growing system and the fact that you could go away for a couple weeks and not lose all your plants.

This is one of Amazon's Deals of the Day, so the 50% off price reduction is only good if you order today.

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