Saturday, February 28, 2009

Small Plates, Big Flavor

Wasn't in the mood for a big prepared dinner tonight so I suggested we go for a small plates/appetizer concept. During the afternoon I hit Wegmans and put together a platter of cheese-stuffed olives, stuffed grape leaves, pepper shooters, mozzarella balls and roasted red peppers.

Must say that the mozzarella was a little disappointing... I usually like the marinated mozzarella but it was MIA. Picked up some Sopressata Salami and block cheddar cheese, too. But the highlight was steamed shrimp with some garlic butter.

I steamed the shrimp in a mix of water, Lagunitas IPA, Old Bay and Frank's hot sauce, then doused the shrimp in Old Bay, chopped onion and more hot sauce. Here are the shrimp as they're just getting their start...

And here's the finished product before I scooped them out and put them in a bowl (below).

The garlic butter was simple... one stick butter, three cloves garlic. Melt. Stir. Enjoy.

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Because I'm a monkey see, monkey do like no other, and because I've had your steamed shrimp on more than one occasion, the power of suggestion was too much for me to bear. Sooooo, I was at BJ's on Sunday buying shrimp and dealing with everyone else there shopping for the End of Days (a.k.a. the March snowstorm). Funny, I didn't buy eggs, and I didn't have eggs on hand, and I got through the whole day yesterday not needing an egg, and I was back out and about this morning, and could have bought eggs if I needed them!