Wednesday, May 13, 2009

REVIEW: Catch 3 Taco Trio at Baja Fresh

Because we don't have a sitter on Wednesday it has sorta become my day to grab myself a treat for lunch, usually while we're out running errands or taking part in some excursion to get us out of the house.

Last week it was a trip to Pastore's which was made more difficult thanks to the ongoing road construction in front of the store. But it was totally worth it as the deli/Italian grocer continues to serve up my favorite hoagie in the Baltimore area. I am going to give the cold cut sub at Timonium's own Pasta Blitz a try, though, as this shopping center pizza joint/Italian eatery has supplanted local fave (and Baltimore Magazine "Best Of" winner) Pasta Mista with its excellent pizza.

But enough about pizza and subs. Today I tried the new Catch 3 Taco Trio at Baja Fresh, a platter featuring three fish tacos: a grilled mahi mahi taco, a crispy beer-battered mahi mahi taco, and a fire-grilled shrimp taco. Regionally tested last year, the limited time platter also features a side of rice and beans (your choice of black or pinto) to make a really filling lunch or dinner platter for just $6.99.

As a fan of the regular Baja Fresh Fish Tacos, I have to admit that the beer-battered taco was definitely my favorite of the three. Even after picking the food up, bringing it home and having it sit while I made lunch for my daughter the crispy taco was still hot and crispy, giving way to moist and mild fish inside. The toppings of avocado slices and pico de gallo give all three tacos a little kick that goes nicely with the fish.

My only complaints would be that the fire-grilled shrimp didn't seem too fire-grilled – it was almost as if somebody had said the word "fire" to them before they made their way into the tortilla – and I wasn't a big fan of the lime cilantro marinade that the shrimp are bathed in before they're cooked. I'm usually okay with cilantro if I know what to expect, but I got a big blast of the dreaded herb just as I was taking my first bite and I have to admit that it turned me off a bit.

The rice and beans are a complete afterthought and really not even necessary. In all the Catch 3 Taco Trio is a decent value but I wouldn't be in a giant rush to get it again.

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