Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brew News and Notes: Potent Beers and What the Prez Drinks

A Scottish brewer thinks they have the answer to the country's binge drinking problems... beer with an 18.2% ABV! After my recent run-in with Old Chub Scotch Ale and its sneaky* 8.00% ABV I think I'll pass on serving this at this weekend's gathering of the lads from The Eurotrash Paradise. (I'd link to the original article over at The Buteman but it says "The article has been unable to display." Might've had too many Old Chubs. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Meanwhile, President Obama is returning to his roots as a community organizer and bringing together cops and alleged perps to hash out their problems. Over beers. At the White House. Seriously, "Bama!" (as Ryan calls him) has arranged an informal kegger on The White House lawn with Sgt. Crowley (Blue Moon) and Professor Gates (Red Stripe or Beck's). The President, apparently unwilling to truly embrace his Chitown roots and throw back some Old Style is having a Bud.

Speaking of Chicago, Bill Daley over at The Tribune writes about Inedit, a high-fallutin Spanish beer from Estrella Dam. Tagged as "the first beer specifically created to accompany food" (I guess they've never heard of Natty Boh) the website suggests keeping the bottle chilled in a wine cooler and served in a white wine glass. Something tells me serving this with brats, pulled pork and ribs this weekend might be a bit much.

*And I use the term "sneaky" to mean that they printed it on their cans so I would notice it.

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