Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friday is National Hangover Day, But THG and White Castle Have Got Ya Covered

Think you'll overdo it on New Year's Eve?

Think you won't overdo it on New Year's Eve... but know you will anyway?

I've been there. You don't get the nickname "The Hungover Gourmet" without napping in a few snowy gutters on New Year's morning. (By the way, thanks again to The Gonster for convincing me that running me over on their way to mass would be a bad way to start the year for that nice family.)

These days I take an entirely different approach to New Year's Eve. A little sushi dinner with my wife and daughter. Prep the turkey for the next day. Ring out 2009 with some trashy movies (probably the awesome-looking WINTERBEAST). Ring in 2010 with a Klaus Kinski flick (selection to be determined). Get up with a clear head and ready myself for The Winter Classic.

But if you do end up howling at the moon a bit too long on New Year's Eve, there's no reason you have to spend the first day of the new year cursing yourself, vowing not to drink again, and/or throwing up in the shower.

Or, um, so I've heard.

Check out our lineup of hangover cures and preventative measures, some tested, some (probably) bullshit. And if you happen to live near a White Castle restaurant, a) I envy you; and, b) take advantage of the access to a sack of slyders (still an all-time fave hangover meal of mine) and download your coupon for a free cup of White Castle coffee.

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