Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gino's to Make a Comeback

When I was growing up our town was truly blessed – we had a McDonald's, a Burger King and a Gino's fast food joint (and later a Taco Bell). My family didn't eat a lot of fast food but I do remember liking the Gino's burgers (I believe the "Gino's Giant" was the equivalent of a Big Mac or Whopper), even though it was definitely regarded as being lower on the fast food food chain. Gino's was also the local KFC distributor so if I couldn't make my way up or down Route 130 for Roy Rogers fried chicken then Gino's would do in a pinch.

Unfortunately, the local Gino's was hurt by a bad location and urban legends that spread through my grade school like wildfire. After being sold in the early 80s to the Marriott Corp., the Gino's restaurants were turned into Roy Rogers outlets, though I'm pretty sure our local one was long gone by that point.

But with the success of joints like Five Guys (though I've never talked to anybody who thought they were any good) and the country's ongoing love affair burgers, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the news that Gino's is making a comeback.

Tom Romano, a former Gino's COO, is behind the effort and the first location (somewhere in the Delaware Valley) should open this coming summer. Former Baltimore Colt star and co-founder Gino Marchetti (whose name graced the establishments) will serve as a consultant. Check out the Gino's website which promises fresh, hot-off-the-grill burgers, real chicken sandwiches, hand-cut french fries, hand-spun milk shakes and more.

Thanks to Scott L for the tip!


Mr. Mephistopheles said...

Gino's was not the victim of an urban legend. They were caught red-handed by the USDA for importing illegal meat from Australia and passing it off as USDA inspected. I know this is true because my father worked for USDA's food safety unit and was involved in the investigation.

Dan said...

I was only talking about our local Gino's and believe me, the alleged importing of illegal meat had nothing to do with it.