Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's Up with THG: Summer 2010 Edition

We've been a bit light on posting here at the blog but look on the bright side... at least you're not sitting around waiting for us to update The Hungover Gourmet website. (What's that? You were? Alright, alright, we'll get to it.)

Unfortunately, between other obligations and our recently-launched Facebook page, the blog and Twitter feed have certainly taken the hardest hits. I don't count the website because, honestly, it has been so long since we added any content that it's officially the red-headed stepchild of our media empire.

It's actually quite amazing to think how far instant-publishing technology has come since we launched the website back in the mid-90s after I poured over Teach Yourself HTML in 21 Days like it held the secrets to life itself. (And considering how it indirectly led to me working from home for the last decade, maybe it did.)

These days I find myself posting questions on Twitter or tossing links up on Facebook, watching them appear – and sometimes commented on – minutes after I first cobbled the thoughts together in my head. As for the website (and to a lesser extent the blog), what once seemed like "instant publishing" now feels as archaic as banging two rocks together to create fire... or doing an old-school photocopied zine. (To wit, I started this blog post at least two days ago.)

But never fear, faithful reader. THG soldiers on. While I may have been too busy to post on a regular (or even irregular) basis, I'm still watching, reading, eating, drinking and – most importantly – cooking.

My initial plan to cook at least one new dish each week has probably fallen by the wayside. Frankly, I stopped keeping track after week nine so I honestly don't know if I've kept pace or not but I'm not sure why I start new projects in January when I'm at my busiest. They only get pushed onto the back burner when things really get crazy. I'm pretty sure I should just start referring to "July" as "January" since that's when I actually have the time and energy to devote to new projects and plans of action.

That said, I've been trying to stay on top of our latest attempts at new dishes so here are a couple recent faves and one method I'm excited to try tonight...

Chipotle Shrimp Tacos (Cooking Light): It's rare that I make a recipe from Cooking Light that I don't love and this one is no exception. For anybody who thinks "light" means "bland" try this spicy and delicious combo of seasoned shrimp, crunchy greens (we substituted shredded cabbage for the lettuce) and refreshing, creamy ripe avocado.

Greek-Style Pork Chops (Cooking Light): Because we buy the family packs at Costco and end up freezing them in dinner-sized portions, I always find myself scrambling for new ways to cook two things... chicken breasts and pork chops. Since a lot of pork chop recipes tend to use bone-in chops, I'm always thrilled when I find one that uses the boneless variety. Even better when that recipe is packed with flavor. CT wasn't as fond of the tomato/cucumber side salad that's paired with this dish and I'd admit it could probably use some feta or something to give it more flavor. But the chops came out perfect and the low-fat dill sauce for on top would also be great for use in pita sandwiches.

Grilled Chicken Under a Brick (Pinch My Salt): While my wife could eat variations on pork pretty much every night, for me it's chicken. (Though her love of pork, especially a Latin-style roasted pork shoulder, is slowly winning me over to the other white meat.) In an effort to expand my repertoire beyond roasting, grilling, baking and beer canning, I finally find myself at the intersection of three loves... a chicken, a grill and a home improvement store. While my beloved beer can chicken is a nice, hands-off, slow and low method of producing a moist, delicious bird, the brick method looks a bit more hands-on. But I'm willing to risk some flare ups – not to mention the look from the checkout gal when I purchase two bricks – for what looks like a heaping helping of yummy crispiness.

So stay tuned. In the days to come I'll be writing about our attempt at a vegetable garden, the latest in food tv shows, a couple new cookbooks and more.

We're back.

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