Friday, June 25, 2010

National Catfish Day is Here! National Catfish Day is Here!

First it's Memorial Day and then it's Fourth of July... big holidays that get all the press coverage, parades, fireworks and special cookout menus on the local news.

It's no wonder that today, June 25th, otherwise known as National Catfish Day always gets overlooked. For those of you who consider yourself friends, please excuse the lateness of my cards... and don't leave the presents on the porch.

Signed into existence by Ronald "Dutch" Reagan, National Catfish Day was intended to highlight the growing farm-raised catfish industry and, presumably, to let people know that these were no longer just the bottom-feeding monsters loved by noodlers the world over.

Personally, my favorite catfish recipe comes from the pages of Cooking Light ('natch). Featuring a marinade of hot sauce and beer, the resulting oven-fried fish is light and crunchy without any deep frying. Serve it up with lemon wedges, tartar sauce and mashed sweet potatoes!

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