Friday, November 05, 2010

McRib Roundup

When I pulled into the McDonald's parking lot for an after-school lunch with my daughter last week I was pleasantly surprised to see signs touting the McRib Sandwich hanging in the window.

Not because I'm some huge fan of the sandwich who feels the need to use the McRib Locator (an actual site whose map currently looks like one of those Zombie Outbreak graphics from a horror flick), but simply due to the fact that even THG needs a break from the monotonous fast food cycle of burger-chicken-fish.

Frankly, I can't even remember the last time I had a McRib, with its boneless, pressed pork patty, tangy bbq sauce and interesting mix of raw onion and pickle. And while it certainly won't rival the Burger King Ribs for most surprisingly tasty fast food item I've had this year, it's also not some sort of culinary monstrosity heralding the end of civilization as we know it.

Since the McRib – referred to by one site as the elusive Bigfoot of McDonald's sandwiches – is back for a limited time, here's a brief roundup of articles, posts, videos and more that I'm sure we'll be adding to as the limited-time offering runs its course...
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FreedomVOICE said...

This is an awesome post. When I am hungover I really like to eat McDonalds. But there is also this great place in Oregon called the Grilled Cheese Grill. Tons of different kinds of Grilled Cheese, soaks up all the alcohol. Other than that, I would recommend California borritos, really can beat them! We have been hungover so many times! Check out our site if you are hungover! Love the blog! We will write a post about you on HangoverSchool! Thanks!

bruce holecheck said...

Forget the McRib, I want the Arch Deluxe back!

Tony Bad said...

Arch Deluxe...was that the hot side hot, cool side cool thing? Had by decennial McRib last night. Odd consistency, but pretty good taste. I like the sauce-raw onion-pickle combo.