Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get Awful Ballpark Beer Faster!

How many times have you stood in an endless concession line at a ballpark or stadium wondering how you could get that awful, watered-down, over-priced beer into your stomach faster?

Wonder no more my friend! Check out this new, magnet-based (f**king magnets – how do they work?!), bottoms-up beer concession system...

With a name like "Bottoms Up" they should really look into having Tinto Brass direct their commercials.

Update (1/25/11): The Wells Fargo Center (formerly the more appropriately named FU Center) in Philly becomes the first Delaware Valley arena to try out the Bottoms Up system when it debuts before tonight's Flyers/Habs game. (Thanks to Cheesewit for the tip!)

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