Saturday, June 18, 2011

Food Truck Wine Pairings: Gimme a Pop O' Dat!

I never knew realized what trend-setters the gang at WKDU (my college radio station) was. Oh sure, we were into cutting-edge record labels, hob-nobbed with up and coming artists, swilled beer and saw groups in basements, lodges, bars and churches.

But who knew back in the latter half of the 1980s that when we were scraping together enough change to grab a cheesesteak, breakfast sandwich or greasy Chinese dinner from the trucks that lined our campus we were actually glimpsing a culinary trend in the making?

Yes, I'm talking about food trucks, a foodie (ugh) trend that has swept the nation to the point that you'd think nobody had ever bought a dirty water dog before the Kogi truck started tweeting its location to trendy Left Coasters.

While we were more likely to pair our meals with Old German, Meister Brau or Stroh's, it turns out that – according to our friends at Snooth – wine might be the best bet for a nice schnitzel or Korean BBQ. And I don't think they mean Thunderbird or berry coolers.

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