Thursday, June 09, 2011

Would You Go to Quiznos for Your Pulled Pork?

Admittedly, Quiznos has always been more like QuizNO to me.

I grew up in South Jersey and do not understand the concept of a toasted sub. I don't like hot bread messing with the nice cold meats, cheeses, condiments and toppings. Might be for some people but hey, it's not for me.

But even if I was "a big toasted sub guy" (as my daughter might say) I still think I'd be steering clear of the new Quiznos Southern BBQ Pulled Pork and the Pork Cuban. (Okay, maybe I'd try the Pork Cuban, but that's supposed to be hot and toasty.)

When I think pulled pork I think of a long, slow cooking process at a low temperature till the meat just falls apart as you shred it... the smoky aroma dancing around the edges of the meat... a tangy, not too sweet barbecue sauce meshing with some cool, creamy cole slaw... all nestled atop a spongy roll that just soaks up all the goodness.

Somehow I don't think that's what I'm going to find at Quiznos. Maybe they could prove me wrong but these days I wouldn't even know where to go. Our local Quiznos couldn't even stay in business and has been turned into the equally-appalling Subway.

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