Thursday, August 04, 2011

University of Washington Study Discovers What We Already Know

Eating healthy is expensive.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that fresh costs more than frozen (or canned), organic adds dollars to your food bill and homemade costs more than processed. Just walk the aisles of your local grocery store or look at the next sale flier that lands in your mailbox.

Or you could read the reports of the latest study from the University of Washington.

Surprise! Eating healthy is more expensive than eating junk food and the people who spend the least on their groceries are furthest from meeting or even just coming close to the nutritional guidelines.

Hey, University of Washington. Next time you've got some research money to throw away on the painfully obvious just give me a shout. I have ideas for studies like Drinking Coffee at 5 PM Might Keep You Up Later Than Usual.

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Focus Group Advocate said...

Will get in touch with you next time, When i get research money.