Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gimmie an Ol Mork, Hold the Minde

Despite spending countless hours at various IKEA stores over the years, I have to confess that I've never actually eaten at one.

I know, everybody talks about the Swedish Meatballs (even if all the reviews seem to portray them as very middle of the road). I have to admit that they smell really good once you get to the Checkout/Pick-Up aisle. But by that time I'm completely focused on putting together my confusing furniture and the inevitable screw that will rip through the bottom of my Billy bookcase that I can't think about eating. (Check out the video below from Freezerburns for a review of Frozen IKEA Swedish Meatballs.)

But, now that IKEA in Europe has introduced beer, I might just have to rethink things. And not just beer, but a beer that gets halfway decent reviews.

Hell, I know I've put together a staggering amount of home office furniture under the influence of Yuengling Black and Tan, so why not just package the Lerberg shelving unit with some Ol Mörk?

Hold the Minde.


Kate Andrews said...

It is my first time seeing this. Let me try this when seen at the market.

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Boomerang Used Office Furniture said...

I love Swedish meatballs from IKEA and Swedish Clogs. They are very comfortable.