Monday, July 16, 2012

Wait. I Actually Like '3 Days to Open with Bobby Flay'?

Caught about 30 minutes of last night's sneak peek of 3 DAYS TO OPEN WITH BOBBY FLAY, and let the Gordon Ramseyfication of Bobby Flay begin!

I've never liked Flay much and always thought he came off as an arrogant a-hole on shows like THROWDOWN, IRON CHEF, etc. This softens his edges a bit as he plays mentor to food startups, helping with recipes and dispensing tips and advice.

It also doesn't hurt that last night's ep (focused on a NYC chicken fingers joint called STICKY'S FINGER JOINT) has their own arrogant fart-knocker on board so Flay looks downright charming by comparison.

Certainly won't watch this one religiously but I'll sample every now and then.

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