Monday, August 27, 2012

Obycki's Makes List of Local Airport Eats

What's the worst part about being stuck in an airport? The soul-crushing boredom? The germs you can almost see swirling about trying to fight their way into your lungs? The moment you decide the floor is more comfortable than the chairs... until you take a look at the people who have been walking on that floor?

All these things are awful but it's probably the food I hate the most. I usually resort to grabbing a Starbucks coffee and a package of overpriced Fig Newtons from the newsstand, secure in the knowledge that both will be better than anything I'll find elsewhere in the airport or on the plane.

Luckily, there are some airports where good food has been able to push its way through the sliding glass doors and wedge itself into a spot between a Sbarro and a Cinnabon and I'm happy to report that Baltimore standard Obrycki's has made this list alongside such well known eateries as Pink's and Gordon Ramsey's own Plane Food.

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Pickleope said...

It seems there are more and more "upscale" or at least "delightfully tolerable" restaurants opening in airports. The only problem is that since we're a captive customer base, they seem to add several dollars to the price of what you would get at that same restaurant if it were on the street.