Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Forget the AM Crunchwrap, Taco Bell Adds Mt. Dew AM to Breakfast Menu

Taco Bell continues to broaden their menu offerings while re-inventing the fast food breakfast.

Not only have they added the AM Crunchwrap – featuring eggs, bacon (or sausage), cheese and a hash brown wrapped in a soft, warm flour tortilla – but they are also offering Mountain Dew AM, a mix of Dew and Tropicana Orange Juice "mixed in-store" according to the article in QSR.

I'm not exactly sure how something that's wrapped in a soft, warm flour tortilla is called a Crunchwrap, but I'm always glad to have choices beyond the usual Egg McMuffin whenever the fast food mood hits me at breakfast time. The QSR story mentions that the menu items will be available at more than 815 restaurants in 10 western states, but I hope that's just a prelude to their eastward migration.

As for Mountain Dew AM, I'm thrilled to see this kind of innovation at the corporate level. Plus, it's just one step away from The Bell offering my Hillbilly Spritzer, a delightful and refreshing blend of Mountain Dew and boxed white wine.

In other Bell news, those of us who were disappointed that the Doritos Locos Tacos never expanded into offerings of other shell flavors, the Fast Food Maven reports that a Bell in Santa Ana, CA is testing Flamas-flavored shells and there are reports that Cool Ranch was available in some isolated locations, too.

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