Friday, November 09, 2012

Two Months Since My Last Post? What the H?!

Wow. Couldn't believe it when I pulled the blog up this morning and noticed it had been two months (and change) since my last post. So much for my pledge to write more!

Actually, I have some pretty good excuses, just none of them food and drink related. My daughter's move to a five-day-a-week, full-day kindergarten hasn't been the time windfall I was hoping for and, well, I do spend a lot of October watching horror movies. (Something like 36 of them.)

September also marked the return to print of my old trash cinema and junk culture zine Exploitation Retrospect. Mothballed since 2000, I got some of the old gang back together, sprinkled in some of the new gang and pounded out a 56-page paean to Gothic Eurohorrors, Klaus Kinski, wrestling, porn, horror movies and more. The first printing sold out in no time and just as we were getting ready for our second printing our printer was hit by Hurricane Sandy. They're back in business now, I'm just not sure when the next printing will be available for purchase, though you can reserve a copy by pre-ordering now.

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