Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Pepsi Sold in Japan Claims to "Block" Fat

Pepsi Special, a new soda being sold by PepsiCo in Japan, claims you can eat a hamburger and a pizza without any of the fat being absorbed. As long as you drink some Pepsi Special along with it, that is. (Forget the fact that nobody needs to be eating pizza and a hamburger or a pizza and anything. Show some restraint, people.)

The miracle ingredient in the soda is Dextrin, a fat-blocking fiber that allegedly prevents the body from absorbing fat, though the US Food and Drug Administration has yet to buy these claims.

For those hoping that Pepsi Special will allow them to indulge with wild abandon, let me remind you of a little thing called Olestra, a food additive that offered consumers guilt-free, fat-free snack indulgence through items like the WOW! line of chips and snacks.

Named by Time magazine as one of the 50 Worst Inventions of all-time, Olestra may have given consumers fat-free chips but it also gave them cramps, gas and the dreaded "anal leakage".


Severe Autism said...

What a gimmick! Don't we just wish it could be that easy.

Johntaro said...

Pepsi is competing with a homegrown Japanese cola, dubbed Mets (just like the losing New York baseball franchise), that makes the same fat-busting claim. But for my money nothing beats Pepsi's pee green-hued shiso (that's Japanese basil) flavored drink the sweet beverage maker rolled out a few years ago. Except maybe its azuki bean flavored offering it came out with the following year. "You have to drink it to believe it."

Johntaro said...

I don't think too many people in Japan are buying the claim or the soda so far. Cola drinks seem to occupy a very small corner of the grocery/convenience store refrigerator case. It appears that unsweetened tea pretty much reigns supreme in the Land of the Rising Sun.