Tuesday, December 18, 2012

McRib Returns Just in Time for Holidays!

Have you noticed it? That certain something in the air? It's unmistakable at this time of year as millions begin hoping, wishing and planning.

No, I'm not talking about Christmas... it's time for the annual re-appearance of the McDonald's McRib Sandwich. And like annual airings of A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS or RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, CAN THE McRIB SAVE CHRISTMAS? also has been met with childlike enthusiasm ... and just a hint of bah-humbuggery.

There seemed to be some consternation earlier this year that the McRib wasn't making a fall appearance, but I know that either last year or the year before it was a winter offering at our local Golden Arches, and one that I recall enjoying well into the holidays.

McDonald's delayed the availability in an effort to boost fourth quarter sales, and the late shift in the sandwich's release seemed to surprise some. But with disappointing third quarter earnings it made sense to capitalize on the sandwich's fan base and online buzz.

Despite all the talk of yoga mats, tripe and heart will you be enjoying the ludicrous but secretly enjoyable sandwich this year?

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