Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Cheesy Bites? Philly Chicken? Avocado & Swiss Burger? Must Be a New Burger King Menu.

Burger King could probably learn a thing or two from their (Golden) arch rivals. While I'm not necessarily a big McDonald's fan there's a comfortable sameness to their menu that, well, works. Sure they go outside the box every now and then with a McRib or the upcoming Fish McBites (Can. Not. Wait.) but you rarely see something from McDonald's that makes you recoil with horror at the same time that you're strangely curious.

Not so with Burger King.

The corpse of the 55th Anniversary (?!) menu had barely cooled – hell, they might still be hawking the Angry Whopper as far as I know – when a new book of coupons showed up in my mailbox. Actually, that's a lie. It wasn't even in my mail. It was stuffed inside the local newspaper I usually throw away after I pull out the grocery store fliers.

Anyway, I'd heard rumblings about the new chicken sandwiches that were on the way – for a limited time, of course – and had even seen a camera phone pic of an in-store poster hawking the "Philly" Chicken Sandwich. Here's further evidence from the coupon book...

Apparently, "Philly" is now restaurant/recipe code for "smothered in cheese, onions and peppers", though I don't know a self-respecting native of the DelVal who would put either onions or peppers on their cheesesteak. Even the usually-reliable Cooking Light takes it a step further by advising readers to put horseradish (WTF?!) on their Turkey Philly.

They've also unveiled "New" Chicken Nuggets ("Crispier with White Meat"), which I believe makes this the fourth straight year they've revamped their nugget offerings. And while I'll definitely admit they're superior to whatever that is in McDonald's nuggets, my daughter would not agree. Maybe I can sway here with Cheesy Tots.

And when it's cold outside what better way to warm your insides than with ... an Avocado & Swiss Burger? 

Oh Burger King. Why are you so capable of simultaneously disappointing and tempting me?

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